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Dear Visitor:

You have entered the gallery of the first Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD), held on April 29, 2001. Here you will discover 291 pinhole images sent by 291 participants from 24 countries.

Our gallery offers you a glimpse of one day in the life of pinhole photography -- an extraordinary collection of images sharing only 2 common characteristics:

  • lensless photographs
  • taken on April 29!
Share with us the endless diversity of this ideal collection:
  • from a technical point of view: all kinds of lensless devices (pinholes, zone plates, slits, multi-pinholes), cameras (handmade/commercial; flat/round), light-sensitive surfaces (b&w/color; film/paper/Polaroid)

  • on a subject & emotional point of view: absolutely all kinds of subjects (landscapes, still life, street photography, family, portraits, architecture, night...

  • on the participants' profiles & points of view: participants from everywhere, of all ages (a pleasure to find multi-generational participation!), of all experiences, from 1st time pinholers to experienced pinhole artists, from amateurs to professionals!
Surf through this incredible lushness; let your vision dream from one image to another; keep yourself surprised, and enjoy the strange new realities you are discovering... This is pinhole photography...

If your image is displayed in this Gallery,

then you probably had a lot of fun while participating in the unique experience of the 1st WPPD. And, now, you can be proud of your submission! Your image is worthy of your involvement in making it. Your photograph, as all the others exhibited here, makes the WPPD Gallery such a valuable place to promote pinhole photography! Since April 29, 2001, when the images first started flowing in, we have been impressed and moved by your wonderful pictures and by your creative visions. Without your contribution, WPPD would not have been such a success; for this, please accept our sincere thanks!

If you are a visitor,

then we are glad to share with you the magical beauty of lensless images. We have created this event to help you learn a little more about contemporary pinhole photography. We want to show you how, from such a simple device as a tiny hole in a cardboard box, you can create dreamy pictures with minimal technology and cost, and with maximum passion and sensitivity. We hope you will enjoy your visit and the discovery of so many different images. We are sure that what you see here will not leave you indifferent. Our greatest pleasure would be that, from time to time, you return to this gallery, that you invite your friends to have a look, and that before next year's edition of WPPD, you join this growing international community of pinholers. *

Our thanks again to all who made this event possible, to all participants for sharing their visions, and to all visitors for their interest in pinhole photography.

Now, please visit the 1st WPPD Gallery, and fill your eyes with the simple beauty of this Pinhole World...

- The WPPD Coordinating Team

* To get contacts, advice, links to pinholers and plenty of info, please go to the Resource page.