Alex Yates, Norfolk, United Kingdom | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2015 Exhibition
Participants (11): WPPD GitTogether Group  
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Alex Yates, "The Apex of the GitTogether"
Norfolk, United Kingdom (member of WPPD GitTogether group)
pinhole photograph

"I was fortunate to be part of a group of photographers that congregated in Portland, OR for WPPD 2015. The weekend was characterised by food and drink, and quite a lot of image making. Somehow this image seemed an appropriate summary of the GitTogether."

"This image was made with a Supersense 66/6 pinhole camera on Impossible Project film. I've taken some time to get to grips with this camera and, more importantly, the film, but I'm finally getting somewhere I think."

Copyright 2015 Alex Yates All rights reserved.