LisaMarie Brems, Seattle, Washington, United States | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2015 Exhibition
Participants (11): WPPD GitTogether Group  
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LisaMarie Brems, "Portland Saturday Market"
Seattle, Washington, United States (member of WPPD GitTogether group)
pinhole photograph

"Electric violin wails above the flagstones and guerrilla vendors hawk CDs and hand-drawn artwork. These market strollers are watching the busker out of frame, left. We were in Portland this year with a bunch of globe-trotting pinhole photographers that meet every year on WPPD. A delightful time!"

camera"I used a pinhole camera designed in CAD software by my husband and 3Dprinted. It is one of his first designs and takes 120 film and shoots 6X6 frame at f/167. People around the world shoot his pinhole cameras:"

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