Tony Shelley, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2015 Exhibition
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Tony Shelley, "Garden Ghosts."
Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
pinhole photograph

"I wanted the subject to be a very simple setup, with not too much going on. Less can mean more. Many visitors have sat in those chairs and drank tea from that table, so even something as ordinary as garden furniture, can have an extraordinary history."

camera"The camera used is a LUMIX GG1, with a Wanderlust 'Pinwide' attachment. The Holga Fisheye Viewer in the hotshoe I use when I'm on the move for a quick view. I use this camera for all my digital pinhole work, it's lightweight, unabtrusive, and a joy to use. For the Garden Ghosts it was tripod mounted"

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