Dandy Denial, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2015 Exhibition
Participants (117): Canada  
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Dandy Denial, "Overgrowth."
Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
pinhole photograph

"Driving north of the city on April 26th, I came across this fence. It contains several collapsing shacks, and was adorned with Wild Cucumbers. I had to slosh through a flooded road-side ditch to get the shot, and sink my tripod legs deep into the soggy grass and mud. Totally worth it."

camera"My camera is your classic matchbox pinhole set up, and we get along pretty well, the two of us. I don't use it nearly enough, but I always enjoy the excuse of world pinhole photography day to dust it off. This time I even managed to successfully block all the seams, hardly any light leaks!"

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