Charles Strebor, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2016 Exhibition
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Charles Strebor, "Orbs Through Holes (7 of 9)"
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
pinhole photograph

"This is the seventh of nine images made for this world pinhole day. The object of the image is a 100mm clear orb with various LED lights placed and moving around it. Construction of camera a bit shoddy - but I'm chuffed. ISO 400 colour film, shot indoors - all nine mages are 50 sec exposure"

camera"Viddy. Pre-cut kit, (mis)constructed at home, shot at home. Object is a 100mm crystal ball with LED lights moving around during the 50 second exposure. Misconstruction during construction resulted in image of the outside world being in circle in the middle. I'm okay with that. Much so."

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