Renee O'Brien, Hadley, New York, United States | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2017 Exhibition
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Renee O'Brien, "behind the picture frame"
Hadley, New York, United States
pinhole photograph

"On my bedroom dresser is an assortment of memorabilia and trinkets amongst the paraphernalia from daily habits. At 7:14pm, I turned on a few lamps, and thinking about WPPD, this glimpse of the light and shadow caught my attention and so became the doll 'behind the picture frame'."

"A Nikon D5000 camera body fitted with a zone plate no dust body cap was placed on a jewelry box for support during the 25-30 second exposure. Keeping the integrity of the original image, only minor adjustments in brightness and contrast were made in Photoshop."

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