Johan Lindgren, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2018 Exhibition
Participants (2): Sweden, Uppsala  
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Johan Lindgren, "Bicycles in Uppsala"
Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
pinhole photograph

"This was actually my test-frame that day, I had found some old (grade-2) paper for a cookie tin camera so this was right outside our shop and I think it was the best of the ones using this can this day :-) I had two more cameras but this was the one using papers."

camera"Found this can at a secondhand store for approx $2 and that was just perfect for papers, so it was made the day before. It was magazined with 5 papers, so I could change in the field! pinhole = 0,25mm (homemade of course!) f=40mm f/200 Papers: Guillemont G2 240 fiber"

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