Chuck Flagg, Chillicothe, Illinois, United States | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2019 Exhibition
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Chuck Flagg, "untitled"
Chillicothe, Illinois, United States
pinhole photograph

"We had been celebrating my birthday with our son in Chicago where it had been snowing there all weekend. When we returned home it was dark and raining so I had to shoot in my pottery studio. I decided to take a selfie while moving only my head but realized after developing my now white hair and beard made my head disappear entirely! Underexposed too but first time shooting my Seymore 135 by Lena Källberg"

camera"I built this camera actually 4 of them while in the hospital in June & July 2018 to keep me from going crazy on the 4th of July weekend. The hospital was so quiet, nothing to do because I was restricted to bed and could not walk on my own due to results from a side septic infection to both legs started by a rare autoimmune disease. Thank you Lena for the diversion to my mind. I added a tab to make pulling the shutter easier for me and a rubber band to create tension to slow down my film from trying to rewind. I planned all along that I would first shoot these cameras on my next WPPD."

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