Steven Lederman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2019 Exhibition
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Steven Lederman, "Phantom Coffee Pot Calls The Kettle Chrome"
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (member of Lowered Expectations group)
pinhole photograph

"I spend each WPPD capturing images with my daughter. After shooting in the field all day, I usually capture more pinhole images upon returning home. This is a cross-eye view stereo image. Gently cross your eyes and a third image will appear in the middle of this pair. That image will be in 3D"

camera"I used a 3D-printed, environmentally friendly, made-to-order Oskar 2 stereo pinhole camera made by Todd Schlemmer. I used expired Kodak medium format film, and ascertained the amount of exposure time using the Pinhole Meter app in conjunction with Todd's handy supplied exposure chart."

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