Danko Basch, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2021 Exhibition
Participants (5): Fotozine.Org Group  
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Danko Basch, "Ilica street"
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia (member of Fotozine.Org group)
pinhole photograph

"Ilica is the main street in Zagreb city. Usually it is full of life. I photographed it in Sunday morning while there were not many pedestrians. I try to show unusual peace and quietness of Ilica."

camera"I used Nikon d7000. I use cheap and plain macro extension-rings (second row) to change the focal length (55mm-100mm). I adapted body-cap with plastic mount (left in the first row). Silver strip is thin aluminium with pinholes of different sizes (it slides inside the mount). Used: 70mm, 0.30mm hole."

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