Olivier Facon, Paris, Paris, France | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2022 Exhibition
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Olivier Facon, "The melancholy intimacy of the voting booth"
Paris, Paris, France
pinhole photograph

"I had hidden in my shoe closet (!)an used Fuji FP3000B pack, which I thought that today with this almost sad and cloudy weather, it would be perfect to try the pinhole photo in the polling booth while I was still thinking at the last minute what would be the ballot that I will put in the envelope."

camera"For this old FP3000B, I setted the light for 2500 iso and obtained 3 secondes for ƒ:180 which is the aperture of my favorite 4x5" Shift StenoCamera from Thierry Gonidec woodwork. I used one of the very last Instant packs in my inventory for this special day."

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