Jeroen van Weert, Nijmegen, Provincie Gelderland, Netherlands | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2017 Exhibition
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Jeroen van Weert, "Villa in Nijmegen"
Nijmegen, Provincie Gelderland, Netherlands
pinhole photograph

"Originally, I waited for a train to pass by and capture its movement. It turned out that there were no trains heading in the direction I stood (seriously)! So I walked around for another subject and found this beautiful villa with thatched roof in the middle of a modern neighbourhood."

camera"This time I photographed with my Ondu MkII 6x6. Exposure time roughly one second. I used Kodak Portra160 and developed this film in Colortec C41 chemistry. The contrast between the left and the villa was higher then anticipated and this resulted in colourshift in the shade."

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