Iain Maclachlan, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2017 Exhibition
Participants (46): Australia  
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Iain Maclachlan, "Water Fall, Fern Gully"
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
pinhole photograph

"Fern Gully is a beautiful man made grotto in Kings Domain Gardens, Melbourne. I visited it with a group of local pinholers who are a part of the Friends of Photography group. The falling cascade of water against dark rocks was striking and with a long exposure I knew would become a stream of light."

camera"I use a self-made 4x5 camera. Focal length is 120mm and fstop 300. The pinhole is 0.4mm from Skink which I attach to the camera with duct tape. Film used is Fomapan 100 and exposure was 45 minutes. For this film my developer is divided D23 with 3 minutes in solution A and 4 in B to tame contrast."

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