Donald Tainsh, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2020 Exhibition
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Donald Tainsh, "Isolation Pinhole"
Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (member of Edinburgh LoFi group)
pinhole photograph

"My image reflects the bland outlook from within my house during lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic. I chose to make the room an obscura and to create an image at a socially distant two metres from the pinhole in the window. I experienced the isolation of the lightened darkness as the image formed"

camera"An old projection screen was used as a frame on which an array of nine sheets of 10x8 MGRC paper was mounted in the dark. The projection distance was 2m and the pinhole diameter 2mm. Exposure was 40 min. The paper negs were contact printed and the prints hung in the room in which the image was made."

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