Slaven Tomakić, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2023 Exhibition
Participants (55): Croatia  
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Slaven Tomakić, "Monument"
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia (member of group)
pinhole photograph

"This year, on 30th April, I was in Budapest, Hungary. Strolling around the city, I saw this monument and thought it was a very good motive for camera obscura because of its striking statues. This is just one part of monument depicting soldier and woman with child."

camera"Hole drilled in back case cover of an old Darwill watch attached to body cap… for an extra “bling” :) Corrected contrast, tones, reduced noise (result = interesting grain pattern), removed spots, added black frame. Just a slight Burn applied on the top of the cloudy sky. Exp. 1/5 sec; ISO 3200."

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