Danko Basch, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2023 Exhibition
Participants (55): Croatia  
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Danko Basch, "Small Bridge"
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia (member of Fotozine.org group)
pinhole photograph

"The small bridge over the pond in Botanical Garden in Zagreb was may favorite place during my first photographic years. I returned there on Pinhole day to refresh my memories of that place, where I spent many hours some 15 years ago."

camera"Nikon d7200. Macro rings (2nd row) to change focal length + body-cap with added "mount" (left in 1st row) where aluminium strip with pinholes of different sizes slides in. Used: 2sec, 35mm, 0.2mm hole body-cap with concave part with pinhole (right, 1st row)."

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