Willhelm Wratny, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia | Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2023 Exhibition
Participants (55): Croatia  
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Willhelm Wratny, "Marko Marulić memorial"
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia (member of camera obscura croatica group)
pinhole photograph

"I chose the classic one, and the motif is also classic, immovable. It will take more time for the picture to come out of that tin box, but that too is classic."

camera"Designed & Manufactured By "Obs©u®@s ©®oati@", for takes on photographic paper 180 x 130 mm, "©ame®@ Obs©u®@ S©oty" recorded this image from 16:20 until 16:30. exposition: 10 minutes or 600 seconds."

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