Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

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It should be very easy for anyone interested in pinhole photography to participate in the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Here is what you do.
  1. Before April 28, 2024: Get your equipment ready!

    If you already own a pinhole camera:

    • Test your camera to make sure it is functioning.
    • Buy film, paper, or any other light-sensitive material ahead of time.

    If you don't own a pinhole camera:

    • Build one
    • Test it to become familiar with exposure times
    • Process the film, paper, or other light-sensitive material and repeat until you feel comfortable with the camera and the procedures.

    Train your pinhole vision and begin thinking of your future WPPDay picture...

    • If you are not familiar with pinhole photography, come and visit some pinhole personal exhibits to develop a taste for this kind of photography.
    • Look at your own pinhole pictures, try to find out their special characteristics; do you find in the result what you tried to get when you were making the picture?
    • Plan what kind of picture(s) you would like to make.
    • Plan where you want to go to make your picture(s).

  2. On April 28, 2024: Go out and make your pinhole images!

    This is a day to have fun. Go out by yourself or with some friends, and take a fresh look at the world through your pinhole camera.

    If the weather is not good, remember that you can always take your pictures inside! There is plenty at home to rediscover through the magic eye of the pinhole camera.

    Enjoy yourself, and give a thought to all the pinholers participating in this event around the planet.

  3. After April 28, 2024: Process your images, and submit them on this site!

    • Process your image(s), or have a photolab process it for you.

    • Have an attentive look at the pictures that you have made on April 28, 2024.You have to make a choice. Remember:this is not a photo contest.There are no good or bad pictures. Every pinhole photograph is unique. Choose one image you love and you want to share with others !
    • Submit the photograph by following the simple procedures outlined on this site.