Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

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What is a gallery group?

Gallery groups are tags that provide a virtual gallery of group members. For example, a school class can be a gallery group, or a family or group of friends. In the gallery, anyone can select the group name and view all members of that group, and only the members of that group. A gallery group is not the same as a pinhole day event.

What about people in a workshop or other event?

If you are organizing a workshop, public forum, lecture, exhibition or other public event, use the form to 'Add an Event'. Events are activities that are open to the public and are listed on the 'events' page of the website to help promote events. There is also an option to include your event as a 'gallery group' when using the 'Add an Event' form.
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How to create and use a gallery group

  1. Register your group's name using the form below. Enter a title that other members of your group will recognize, and describe the group. Some examples of names might be 'Jones 9th Grade", 'Baxter Family', 'Harvard Pinhole Club', etc. Description might be something like 'Ms. Jones 9th grade classroom photography project, 'The Baxter family in 3 locations around the world', or 'Some of the smartest people in the world take time off from their studies at Harvard to take some really cool pinhole photos.' You get the idea!
  2. Let everyone in your group know the name of the group.
  3. When each member of the group submits their Pinhole Day photograph, remind them to select your group from the pull-down menu on the submission form.
  4. group selection
  5. In the gallery, anyone will be able to view your group as a subset of the full gallery by selecting the group.
  6. group gallery
Register your gallery group
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