Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - Participation Rules

Participation Rules

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(1) Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD) is a non-commercial event, open to everybody, everywhere in the world. Participation in WPPD is completely free; there are no submission fees, and no charges for exhibiting on the WPPD web site.

(2) Each participating individual must submit exactly one photograph and a completed submission form. Photographs must be submitted as a digital image in JPEG format.

(3) The submitted photograph must have been taken on the day annually designated as Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day ( April 28, 2024 ). Submissions (scanned photograph and submission form) must be received at between 01:00 GMT on April 28, 2024 and 24:00 GMT on the following May 31. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, submissions will accepted until June 30 in 2021. Extremely long exposures will be accepted if any part of the exposure was made on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, and the photo is submitted by the May 31 deadline.

(4) The submitted photograph must be made with a lensless photographic device: pinhole, multiple pinholes, zone plate, slit, etc, in either a homemade or commercial camera.

(5) The submitted photograph may be made by using any photographic material: film, paper, liquid emulsion, B&W, color, and any photographic process, including digital.

(6) The submitted photograph may be of any subject but must respect common decency and human rights. To encourage broad WPPD participation by people from all cultures, and by students of all ages, images of nudes will not be accepted into the gallery.

(7) The photograph must be submitted by or with permission of the person taking the photograph, respectful of international copyright and authorship laws. The submitter warrants that he or she has obtained all permissions to photograph and publish pictures showing personal objects from the models and/or owners of pictured objects.

(8) All submitted photographs that are accepted by the coordinating team will be published on the official WPPD site ( along with all submitted information. The Coordinating Team has permission to use any submitted image to promote future WPPD events provided the photographer is credited; neither Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day nor its coordinators will take any compensation for this use of the submitted photograph.

(9) The photographer retains copyright and ownership of submitted photographs. The photographer will not claim any compensation for using his or her photograph when it is used as defined in Rule 8. The Coordinating Team is not responsible for unauthorized reprinting of submitted photographs by third parties.

(10) WPPD is not a juried event. Members of the Coordinating Team have authority to interpret and apply all necessary rules to all submissions received and will use their discretion and judgment in deciding which images to accept for the exhibition. Their decisions are final.

(11) The Coordinating Team reserves the right to amend or clarify these rules to accommodate unforeseen circumstances; in such an event decisions of the organizers are final.

(12) Direct questions and comments to our support team.