Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day


The Basics
Pinhole Photography - History, Images, Cameras, Formulas (Jon Grepstad)

History and introduction to pinhole photography.

The Pinhole FAQ

A brief introduction to pinhole photography.

Optimizing your image with Pixlr's free on-line editor (by Nick Dvoracek)

Often the raw scan does not present the best quality a negative has to offer. This article shows how to rotate your image, make a negative into a positive, correct a too light or too dark image, and create a file the correct size for submission to the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day gallery.

Lochkamera (Manfred Baierl)

Taller de Fotografía Estenopeica (Claudio González)

Dírková komora - fotografie, informace, PinholeDesigner (David Balihar)

Dírková komora - fotoaparát bez objektivu. Informace, historie, ukázky fotografií, odkazy a program PinholeDesigner pro potřebné výpočty.

Easy pinhole photography

The basics of pinhole with a section on converting Slngle Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras and determining exposure.

How To Make a Pinhole Camera
Making A Pinhole Camera From An Oatmeal Box (Stewart Lewis Woodruff)

Excellent instructions on how to make a pinhole camera out of a paper oatmeal box. Good eating, good photos!

How to Make an Oatmeal Tin Camera (Zernike Au and Yin Yin)

This project is rather simple. You can do it with your family, your kids, your students or your friends. We have supplied photos as a visual guide, rather than lengthy descriptions.

Populist Camera Instructions ((Nick Dvoracek))

120 and 35mm roll film cameras that anyone can make with materials you probably have around your house.

How to Make a Pinhole Camera (Wolfgang Thoma)

Hoe maak ik een gaatjescamera (Wolfgang Thoma and Wally Thoma-Schuerman)

Boxes of Dreams

Christian Carez's Tutorial on Pinhole Photography

Dírková komora aneb Pinhole Camera

Krabička od sirek, kinofilm s prošlou záruční dobou, kus plíšku s dírkou vytvořenou špendlíkem, izolepa - to je dírková komora aneb Pinhole Camera.

Camera Designs and Plans (Easy to make cardboard cameras.)

Several designs for cameras in which a template is glued to cardstock, and then folded and glued together. Designs for 35mm and 120 roll films are included in several distances to the pinhole. (How to make a matchbox pinhole camera)

Instructions in how to build a matchbox pinhole camera.

Examples of Pinhole Cameras
Pinhole Photography (Justin Quinnell)

Justin Quinnell's Unique Cameras and Photos

Camera Obscura - Die Bauwagenkamera (Thorsten Berndt)

Mit einem zur begehbaren Lochkamera (Camera Obscura) umgebauten Bauwagen reiste der Photograph Thorsten Berndt im Sommer 2000 4 Monate durch Schleswig-Holstein. In diesem Zeitraum enstanden Bilder von Landschaften und Gebäuden , ein etwas anderes Portrait von Schleswig-Holstein zeigen.

The Specifics
Using Your 35mm Camera (Justin Quinnell)

Pinhole Camera - Photographs, Information, PinholeDesigner (by David Balihar)

Information about the simplest image-creating device, its history, sample photographs and the PinholeDesigner program to help you with the necessary calculations.

Zone Plate Photography
The Zone Plate (Chris Patton)

How to Make a Zone Plate, Photon Sieve or Pinhole Sieve (by Guillermo Peñate)

Instructions and tools for making zone plates, photon sieves and pinhole sieves for any lensless camera body with any focal length.

Zone Plate Image Generator (Larry Fratkin)

Pinhole and Alternative Processes
Handmade Photographic Images (George L Smyth)

The website include a section on pinhole photography.

Pinhole Photographers
New Mexico's Digital Collections: Pinhole Resource Collection

The repository for the Pinhole Resource (Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer) collection of pinhole photographs (almost 6,000 images). We have now created a Pinhole Resource center that is viewable from our website.

Internet Pinhole Gallery

If you are a pinhole artist and you would like to present your pinhole works in our web pinhole gallery, just visit our site and write us. You are invited! What we need: 3-5 of your favourite pinhole pictures, your portrait, cv-text about you and your photography.

The Pinhole Gallery (Byron James Bignell)

Workshop Resources
Workshop Planning Guide (by Tom Miller)

Author : Tom Miller, with suggestions and help of Diana Bloomfield, Guy Glorieux, Ed Levinson, Zemike Au, Gregg Kemp, Eric Nelson. (PDF file, 695k)

Journée Mondiale de la Photographie au Sténopé (Jean-Luc Coulon, Guy Glorieux, and Jean Daubas)

Auteur : Tom Miller, avec de nombreuses suggestions et l'aide de Diana Bloomfield, Guy Glorieux, Ed Levinson, Zemike Au, Gregg Kemp, Eric Nelson. Traduction française: Jean-Luc Coulon, Guy Glorieux, Jean Daubas.

Pinhole Photography: A guide for teachers (Nick Dvoracek)

An Adobe Acrobat file of a book I did in 1991 under an Eisenhower grant to use pinhole photography to teach aspects of physical science. The rest of the project didn't work out so well, but the book covers a lot of how pinhole photography works and how to do it. (51 pages) (pdf - 1MB)

The Invented Camera (Jo Babcock)

Low Tech Photography & Sculpture 2005, Freedom Voices, San Francisco, CA ISBN: 0-915117-10-X

Past Lives (Martha Casanave)

(1991) David R. Godine, Boston, MA, USA ISBN 0-87923-872-0

Explorations Along an Imaginary Coastline (Martha Casanave)

Hidson Hills press LLC, Manchester, Vermont ISBN 1-55595-278-X

Venice (Gunter Derleth)

2000, Edition Stemmle, Zurich Switzerland and New York ISBN 3-908163-21-8

I Am Not This Body (Barbara Ess)

2001, Aperture Foundation, New York, NY. ISBN 0-89381-936-0

From Pinhole to Print (by Gary Fabbri, Malin Fabbri and Peter Wiklund)

"Inspiration, instructions and insights in less than an hour." A succinct tutorial to launch your pinhole passion. This book, is available for free until the 26th of April with a one-year subscription to Alternative Photography.

Pinhole Photographs (Adam Fuss)

(Smithsonian Photographers at Work) Smithsonian Institution Press ISBN: 1560986220

Through the Sky in the Lake (Sid Gershgoren, George Peer (photographs))

1990, Milkweed Editions, Minneapolis, Minnesota ISBN 0-915943-60-3

One Room Schoolhouses of Arkansas as Seen through a Pinhole (Thomas Harding)

University of Arkansas Press ISBN: 1557282714 ISBN: 1557282722

An Outhouse by Any Other Name (Thomas Harding)

August House, 1999, ISBN 0-87483-578-X About a third of the images are made with Thomas Harding's home-made pinhole cameras.

Camera Obscura (Hans Knuchel)

(1992), Lars Mueller Edition, Baden, Switzerland ISBN 3-906700-49-6

Minimal Aperture Photography Using Pinhole Cameras (John Warren Oakes)

ISBN: 0819153702 & 0819153699

mouthpiece (Justin Quinnell)

Dewi Lewis Publishing, Stockport, England ISBN 10: 1-904587-33-X ISBN 13: 9781904587330

Build Fun Paper Cameras (Justin Quinnell)

2009, Lark Books, a division of Sterling Publishing, New York, NY, ISBN 978-1-60059-528-8

International Pinhole Photography Exhibition (Eric Renner, Center For Contemporary Arts Staff (Editor), )

Center for Contemporary Arts of Santa Fe, ISBN: 0929762010

Pinhole Photography, from Historic Technique to Digital Application (Eric Renner)

(2009), Focal Press, Elsevier Publications, Burlington, MA, USA ISBN 978-0-240-81047-8

Pinhole Journal (Eric Renner, Nancy Spencer)

Published thrice yearly for 22 years, most back issues are available from the Pinhole Resource.

American Disguise (Eric Renner)

2007, Flying Monkey Press, San Lorenzo, NM, ISBN 0-9791453-0-9

The Hole Thing, A Manual of Pinhole Fotografy (Jim Schull)

(1974), Morgan & Morgan Inc., New York, USA ISBN 0-87100-047-4

Pinhole Vision I (Lauren Smith)

LBS Produc ISBN: 0960779604

Pinhole Vision II (Lauren Smith)

LBS Produc ISBN: 0-96079612

The Visionary Pinhole (Lauren Smith)

(1985), Gibbs M. Smith, Inc., Peregrine Smith Books, Salt Lake City, USA ISBN 0-87905-206

Within this Garden (Ruth Thorne-Thomsen)

(1993), The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago, Ill., USA ISBN 0-93026-30-3 Paper, 0-89381-549-7 Cloth

Pinhole Cameras, a Do-It-Yourself Guide (Chris Keeney)

Princeton Architectural Press, 2011, ISBN 978-1-56898-989-1

PinHole Magazine

PinHole Photography is devoted to the exploration of Pinhole photography from an aesthetic perspective. A stunning exhibition of Pinhole images is accompanied by thought provoking articles that explore Pinhole photography in digital and traditional forms.

Pinholica (Photographs and musing on Pinhole Photography)

Nick Dvoracek's thoughts on camera-making, the experience of using them, occasional processing experiments, and his photographs

Cagliari Stenopeica

We are two photographers based in Cagliari: we organize workshops on pinhole photography.


We are "fotolateras" 2 fotographers from Spain. We have a blog and a web about pinhole since 2008. We travel around the world "tinning cities".

Gregg Kemp

Personal website and blog

Commercial Resources
The Pinhole Resource

World's Largest Supplier of Pinhole Photography Products and Non-Profit Archive for Pinhole Photography.

Paint Can Cameras

Pinhole cameras created from paint cans that can be used with both color or black & white films and papers.

Zero Image

Handmade wooden and brass pinhole and zoneplate cameras using standard film ranging from 35mm to 4x5 format.

Scura by Dora Goodman

Unique, 3D printed panoramic pinhole camera. Perfect combination of design and functionality for the best possible image quality. Print it for yourself using the open source files or get it in a DIY kit.

Wanderlust Cameras

World's widest pinhole cap made for digital, more products to come!

Les Boîtes à Rêves

Les boîtes à rêves, un guide sur les sténopés.

Ilford HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera

Ilford's HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera on designer Mike Walker's website.

Thingyfy Pinhole Pro Body caps

"With up to 120° field of view and multi-aperture design, Thingyfy Pinhole Pro is an innovative update to DSLR & Mirrorless pinhole photography."